(1) The Minister may make regulations to carry out the purposes of this Part.

(2) In particular, but without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing power, such regulations may provide for all or any of the following matters;
(a) the manner in which the tonnage of any ship shall be ascertained, whether for the purpose of registration or otherwise, including the mode of measurement;

(b) the recognition, for the purpose of ascertaining the tonnage of any ship or for any other purpose, of any tonnage certificate granted in respect of any ship in any country outside Sri Lanka, the tonnage regulations of which are substantially the same as the tonnage regulations made under this Act, including the conditions and restrictions subject to which such recognition may be granted;

(c) the manner in which surveys of ships shall be conducted and the form of certificates of surveying officers ;

(d) the form in which any document required by this Part shall be prepared and the particulars which it should contain;

(e) the persons by whom and the authority before which any declaration required by this Part shall be made and the circumstances in which any such declaration may be waived and
other evidence accepted;

(f) the procedure for the registration, marking or alteration of the names of Sri Lanka ships;

(g) the fees that may be levied under this Part and the manner in which such fees shall be collected ;

(h) the manner in which Registrars and other authorities may exercise their powers under this Part or maintain their books and other registers;

(i) the manner in which ships belonging to the Government, to which the provisions of this Act may be made applicable under section 42, may be registered;

(j) any other matter which may be or is to be prescribed.
(3) The Director, with the consent of the Minister, may also for the purpose of carrying into effect this Part, give such instructions to his officers as to the manner of making entries in the register book, as to the execution and attestation of powers of attorney, as to any evidence required for identifying any person, as to the referring to himself of any question involving doubt or difficulty, and generally as to any act or thing to be done in pursuance of this Act as he thinks fit.