Entry of particulars in register book 

As soon as the requirements of this Act preliminary to registry of a ship have been complied with, a Registrar shall enter in the register book the following particulars respecting
the ship:
(a) the name of the ship and the name of the port to which the ship belongs;

(b) the details comprised in the Surveyor's certificate;

(c) the particulars respecting the origin of the ship stated in the declaration of ownership ; and

(d) the name and description of the registered owner or owners of the ship, and if there are more owners than one, the proportions in which they are interested in the ship.

Documents to be retained by Registrar
On the registry of a ship a Registrar shall retain in his possession
(a) the Surveyor's certificate;
(b) the builder's certificate ;
(c) any bill of sale of the ship previously made;
(d) the copy of the condemnation, if any ; and
(e) ail declarations of ownership.

Application to Government ships

The Minister may, by Notification published in the Gazette, direct that, subject to such rules as may be made in that behalf, ships belonging to the Government, other than ships of
the Sri Lanka Navy, may be registered as Sri Lanka ships under this Act and thereupon this Act, subject to any exceptions and modifications which may be made in the Notification, either generally or with respect to any class of ships belonging to Government, shall apply to ships belonging to Government registered in accordance with the rules as they apply to Sri Lanka ships registered in the manner provided by this Act.

Port of registry 

The port at which a Sri Lanka ship is registered for the time being shall be deemed to be the port of registry of the ship and the port to which the ship belongs.