A ship shall not be deemed to be a Sri Lanka ship, unless it is owned wholly by-
(a) a natural person who is a citizen of Sri Lanka; or

(b) the Ceylon Shipping Corporation, or any Government-Sponsored Shipping Company or Corporation; or (c) any body corporate as may be determined by the Minister.

Obligation to register Sri Lanka ships
(1) Every Sri Lanka ship shall, unless exempted from registration, be registered under this Act.

(2) If a ship required by this Act to be registered is not so registered, such ship shall not be recognized as a Sri Lanka ship.
(3) A ship required by this Act to be registered may be detained until the master of the ship, if so required, produces the certificates of the registry of the ship.
(4) The Minister may prescribe the manner in which ships or classes of ships belonging to the Government of Sri Lanka or any statutory body therein maybe registered under this Act.

Exemptions from registry. 

The following ships are exempted from registration under this Act :
(a) any ship not exceeding fifteen tons net;

(b) any boat licensed under the Boats Ordinance;

(c) any ship referred to in any order made under section 46, to such extent as may be specified in such order.