(1) All applications, actions, inquiries, trials or other proceedings pending in the High Court of Colombo on the day immediately preceding the appointed date shall stand removed to the Court sitting in the exercise of Admiralty jurisdiction in Colombo and be continued as nearly as may be according to the provisions of this Act. 
(2) All notifications published, tenders called, powers and authorities conferred, forms prescribed, appraisements, orders, rules and appointments made, commissions and directions issued, sanctions, approvals and consent given under the law in force before the appointed date shall be deemed to have been published, called, conferred, prescribed, made, issued and given under this Act or the rules made there under. 
(3) Rules may be made under Article 136 of the Constitution regulating the practice and procedure of the High Court in the exercise of its jurisdiction under this Act. 
(4) Any provision of this Act or any repeal consequential thereon shall not affect proceedings in respect of any cause of action arising before the appointed date.