Such agreements need not be notarially attested but should, for evidentiary purposes, be in writing.

A contract of tenancy is an agreement whereby a person agrees to give the use of immovable property on a rent to another for successive periods until the tenancy is terminated by a notice given by either party. The person who agrees to give the use of the immovable property is known as the landlord and the person who promises to pay the rent for the use of the immovable property is the tenant.

A monthly tenancy is terminable at will by either party by the giving of one month's notice and the rent is generally payable monthly

A tenancy agreement will generally make provision for matters such as the quantum of rent, responsibility for repairs and contain obligations on the part of the tenant to look after the property in a tenant like manner.

Effectiveness is the Sri Lankan legal system concerning property
The Court system works, but there can be considerable delays before a judgement is obtained. Recovery of unpaid rent will take approximately nine to twelve months assuming that the summons can be served and dilatory tactics are not indulged in by the defendant.
  • The Rent Act No. 7 of 1972 and the subsequent amendments thereto
  • The Prevention of Frauds Ordinance No. 7 of 1840 as amended