Population 21 million
Labour force 7.5 million
Literacy rate 91.2%
GDP (nominal) $ 41 billion (2009 estimate); US$ 40.71 billion (2008)
GDP per capita $2030 (2009); US$ 1671 (2008)
GDP Composition Agriculture, forestry and fishing (16.5%); Services (56.5%) Manufacturing (13.9%); Construction (9.1%); and Mining (2.2%).
GDP Growth (real) 3.5% (2009) 6% (2008) 6.8% (2007), 7.7 % (2006); 5.8% (2002-06).
FDI US$ 2.6 billion (2003-08); US$ 779 million in 2008.
Main Investors Malaysia, India, UK, Hong Kong
Exports US$ 7.17 Billion (2009)
Imports US$ 9.5 Billion (2009)
Trade Agreements SAFTA, APTA, BIMSTEC, India-Sri FTA, Pakistan Sri Lanka FTA, GSP Plus
Natural Resources Limestone, graphite, mineral sands, gems, and        phosphate
Main sectors  Tourism, transport, telecom, banking and finance.
Agri products Traditional Agriculture: Tea, rubber, Coconut, Agricultural crops, Paddy. *Investment opportunities in Agriculture:  Sugarcane, Maize, Potatoes, Chilies, Red onion, big onions and value addition on fruits. *According to the Government Policy of becoming self sufficient from major agricultural commodities
Industries Textile and apparel, processing of rubber, tea, coconuts, tobacco and other agricultural commodities, light engineering, leather, foods and beverages,   gem and jewellery, porcelain and ceramics, furniture,   manufacture of chemicals, telecommunications, insurance, banking, cement, petroleum refining, IT enable  services etc.
Exports Articles of Apparel and clothing accessories; coffee, tea, mate and spices; Rubber and articles thereof; Natural and cultured pearls and precious and semi-precious stones; fish and crustaceans, Molluscs and others; Electrical machinery and equipment; petroleum products; edible fruits and nuts etc.; and other vegetable textile fibers, paper yearn and woven fabrics of paper yarn.
Export partners USA (22.32%); UK (14.38%); Italy (6.14%); Belgium (5.17); Germany (4.89) in 2009. India – 4.56% in 2009 and 5.11% in 2008.
Imports Mineral fuels, oils and products; Machinery and mechanical appliances; Electrical machinery and equipment and parts thereof; cotton; Knitted or crocheted fabrics; Plastics and articles thereof; Vehicles other railway or tramway rolling stocks; Cereals; Natural or cultured pearls and semi-precious and precious stones; and Paper and paper board and articles of paper pulp.
Import partners India (17.96%); Singapore (11.71%); China (9.34%); Iran (8.97%); Hong Kong (5.47%) in 2009. Imports from India in 2008 – 20.8%.
Tourist arrivals Seen an over 50% increase in arrivals between January-April 2010 over corresponding period last year. 447,890 in 2009 as against 438475 in 2008, an increase of 2.14%.
Foreign Banks  Citibank, Deutsche Bank AG, Habib Bank, HSBC. ICICI Bank, Indian Bank, Indian Overseas Bank, MCB Bank, Public Bank Berhad, Standard Chartered Bank & State Bank of India
Local Banks State-owned: Bank of Ceylon, and People’s Bank; Private: Seylan Bank, Hatton National Bank, Commercial Bank of Ceylon, DFCC Vardhana Bank, Sampath Bank, NDB Bank, Union Commercial Bank, Nations Trust Bank, Panasia Banking Corporation