(1) Where the payment for goods imported for commercial purposes is to be made after the submission of CUSDEC :-
  1. the respective payment shall be made within three hundred and sixty five days (365) from the date of submission of CUSDEC;
  2. return of goods to the supplier shall allowed in terms of the provisions of an  agreement entered into by the importer with the overseas supplier, provided no payment has been made on the respective goods to be returned: Provided that if a payment has been made, the approval of the Director General of Customs shall be obtained for the return of goods;
      (2) On clearance of goods, the CUSDEC Number shall be the unique number by which such transaction shall be identified.
      (3) Sri Lanka Customs Department shall upload and provide access to information relating to these transactions (Customs Declaration Number, Name of Importer and outstanding amount) on their website to the Bank with reference to the CUSDEC Number.
      (4) All banks shall verify the outstanding amount due on any transaction by accessing the Sri Lanka Customs Department website, before making any payment in relation thereto.
      (5) The bank making a payment shall upload details of any payment to the Director – General of Customs under the CUSDEC Number and the Banks own unique Number relating to such payment, on the same day that such payment was made.
      (6) The Sri Lanka Customs Department shall deduct the amount of any such payment made and thereupon display the current outstanding amount against each transaction on the website.