(1) All shipping documents in relation to goods imported under the terms of payment referred to in regulation 3(1)(a) of these regulations, other than those relating to Advance Payment, shall be forwarded by the supplier’s bank or by the supplier of the goods to a bank, prior to the goods so imported being released to the importer.
      (2) The bank may at its discretion accept the documents which are directly forwarded to the importer, after satisfying itself of the authenticity of such shipping documents.
      (3) In the event of the original shipping documents not being received on time, bank may at its discretion permit the importer to submit copies of such documents for uploading to the Sri Lanka Customs website by the bank in order to facilitate clearance of the goods. The importer shall thereupon arrange for the original shipping documents to be forwarded to the relevant bank within forty five (45) days from the date on which copies of the CUSDEC were uploaded to Sri Lanka Customs website. On receipt of the original documents the bank shall verify the originals against the copies of documents previously submitted by the importer. Where the originals do not correspond to the copies of documents submitted by the importer, the bank shall forward copies of both sets of documents to the Director General or Customs, for necessary action. The Bank shall be required to submit to the Director General of Customs a monthly report of cases where the original documents are not submitted within the stipulated period.
      (4) Where the original Bill of Landing has been surrendered, the importer shall submit the Delivery Order collected from the shipping line to the bank for uploading to Sri Lanka Customs by the Bank, in order to facilitate clearance of goods.
      (5) The Shipping documents referred to in this regulation shall include :-
  1. the Invoice (any invoice relating to the goods imported, other than the Pro forma Invoice); and
  2. the relevant transport documents.