How in this jurisdiction is the ownership of real property recorded or searched? Who generally performs the search?


Instruments in respect of immovable property need to be registered, so as to ensure priority to such Instruments although, in strict law, such registration is not essential for the validity of the Instrument. But, for the conferment of priority, registration is essential. If an instrument is not registered, it can be defeated by a subsequent instrument which is 'duly' registered.

Registration is effected by tendering the Instruments for registration to the registering authority ie. the Land Registry within the area of which the land is situated. There is no period of time specified for such registration in respect of immovable property.

The registration records (the Registers) at the Land Registry are searched by the lawyer acting for the purchasers, donees, lessees or the grantees of immovable property. It is the lawyer for "the acquiring party", who searches the Registers.