Detailed below are required documents in the patent registration process in Sri Lanka.
  1. Details of the Applicant [name, address, residence or principal place of business, telephone number, telegraphic address, teleprinter address (if any)]
  2. Basis of the Applicant’s right to the patent must be disclosed where the applicant is not the inventor ie. whether the Applicant is the legal representative/assignee of the inventor, or the Applicant is the owner of the invention which was made while the inventor was in the employment of the applicant or by the inventor in the performance of the contract for the execution of work etc
  3. Details of the Preliminary Examination Report issued by World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
  4. The name of the National, Regional or International Organization issuing the International Search Report
  5. At the filing stage the following additional documents are required:
    • A POA duly signed by the applicant - need not be notarized or legalise
    • The PCT application
    • Search Report
    • Specifications – containing the description/claims/drawings
    • Priority document - issued by the Patent Office of the Country where the Original application was filed

Additional Notes:

  • At the initial stage of filing it is sufficient to submit a fax copy of the Power of Attorney and a copy of the PCT application with the local application form. The other documents can be forwarded subsequently (within a reasonable time)