Detailed below are required documents in the industrial design registration process in Sri Lanka.
  1. Details of the Applicant [name (If the applicant is a body corporate the kind of incorporation must be stated), address, description (i.e.: full trade or business description)]
  2. Five (05) specimens of the design (i.e: specimens, drawings, photographs or other graphic representations)
    The kind of products for which the industrial design is to be used
  3. A declaration by the applicant that the industrial design is new to the best of his knowledge
  4. If priority is claimed, a certified copy of the Convention application
  5. Power of Attorney (POA) - need not be notarized or legalised
  6. Where the applicant is not the Creator of the Industrial design:
    1. Name and address of the Creator
    2. Duly signed request by the Creator that he be mentioned as such in the registration. (Although the signature of the Creator should be placed on the application form itself, it is possible to submit at a later date, a copy of the filed application form containing the original signature)
    3. Statement of Justification by the applicant as to his right to obtain registration ie. whether the applicant is the legal representative/ assignee of the Creator, or the applicant is the owner of the creation which was made while the Creator was in the employment of the applicant or by the Creator in the performance of the contract for the execution of work etc

Additional Notes:
  • The provisions relating to Industrial Designs have been expanded under the recently passed Intellectual Property Act No.36 of 2003 and accordingly provision is now made for the Registrar to carry out a more detailed search of the novelty of the design prior to accepting the design for registration.
  • For an industrial design to be registered it should be, EITHER,
  1. A new industrial design: A new industrial design means a design which had not been made available to the public anywhere in the world or at any time whatsoever through description, use or in any other manner before the date of the application for registration of such design or before the priority date which is validly claimed., OR
  2. Not one which consists of any scandalous design or is contrary to morality or public order or public interest or which, in the opinion of the Director-General or of any Court to which such matter has been referred to is likely to offend the religious or racial susceptibilities of any community in Sri Lanka