When the Husband intends to pronounce the TALAK on his wife, He shall give of his intention to the QUAZI of the Area in which she is resident, and it shall be the Duty of the Quazi to make an attempt to effect a reconciliation between such Husband and Wife with the Help of the Relatives of the Parties and Elders and other influential Muslims of the Area.

The Quazi shall not record any reason for the pronouncement of Talak.

If the wife is not present in Sri Lanka the Notice of Talak shall be served on the nearest relatives of the wife, if no relative of the wife is known then the Quazi shall dispense with the necessity for serving such notice on the wife.

Where no reconciliation is effected before the expiry of Thirty Days the Husband shall appear before the Quazi on such date after the expiry period and pronounce Talak for the Third Time the Quazi shall thereupon register the Divorce.

The Kathi Court and the Magistrate court have Concurrent jurisdiction as to maintenance.

The Wife also shall make an application for Divorce under the Act but the procedure for the same is different.