• District Court has the jurisdiction to make an adoption order as the upper guardian.
  • After District Court receiving an adoption application, the Court will appoint a probation officer from the Department of Probation and Child Care Service as a guardian to safeguard the child’s interest and Court will take into consideration of the welfare of the child.
  • Court can also postpone the adoption order and make an interim order giving custody of the child to the applicant for a probationary period of two years.
  • All parties to the adoption must be present in court in both calling and inquiry dates.
  • Court may confer the surname of the adopter to the child with the adoption order.


Legal Consequences

  • Upon an adoption order by the Court, it confers the adopted child the status of a child born in lawful wedlock of the adopter.
  • Adopted child will acquire rights, titles and interests of any property of the Adopter.
  • Adopted child will become entitled to the succession of the Adopter.
  • Rights, duties, and obligations and liabilities of biological parents with regard to future custody, maintenance and education are vested in adopter.
  • After the adoption, the adopted child shall have the right to claim maintenance from the adoptive parents under the provisions of Section 22 of the Maintenance Act 1999.