An interesting and useful provision to be found in the Sri Lanka Arbitration Act relates to amendment of pleadings in relation to relief, Parties are allowed to introduce "new prayers for relief", provided:

(a) such prayers fall within the scope of the arbitration agreement, and
(b) it is not inappropriate to accept them, having regard to the point of time at which the new prayers are submitted and other circumstances.
Parties are also allowed to amend or supplement the prayers for relief already introduced and to rely on new circumstances, in support of their respective cases [section 15(4)].

This is also a useful provision. However, it is somewhat strange that the main provision as to pleadings - section 15 (2) - is not very elaborate and does not set out the contents of pleadings, time limits for the same and points of detailed nomenclature, such as "statement of claim", "defence", "rejoinder" etc. [In this respect, the Nepal Arbitration Act 1999 is much more specific].